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Adrian Wilson
3 min readAug 20, 2021

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Heating your buildings with these innovative commercial and industrial heating sectors might offer incredible savings on heating costs to approximately 80% and could be environmentally friendly with a carbon-neutral footprint that exceeds emission standards. Buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and multi-storey buildings might require high capacity heating systems. These high capacity heating systems incur high energy costs. Natural Gas and Electrical systems are not the only heating options available. Traditionally commercial and industrial buildings have not utilized solid fuel or biomass heating solutions. The perceived barriers are that biomass fuel is too hard to find and too cumbersome to manage. (1) These sectors might change that with an innovative heating system that is both simple to feed, contain and manage. Fire up your synapses with these trending articles, don’t stay in the dark, light them up!

Additionally, the world is aggressively transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions. Additionally, the U.S. just pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by nearly half over the next 10 years. “That’s where we’re headed as a nation, and that’s what we could do if we take action to build an economy that’s not only more prosperous but healthier, fairer and cleaner for the entire planet,” said the White House, as quoted by National Review. Nearly 197 countries adopted the Paris Climate Accord to assist too. Four of the world’s largest economies announced net-zero carbon emission targets, along with some of the world’s biggest sectors like General Motors, DuPont, JP Morgan, Dow, Union Pacific, Shell, Microsoft, JetBlue, and Walmart to name a few.

In relation to that, the patented zero emissions Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC) boiler system aims to decarbonize the nearly $30 billion global commercial and industrial heating industry while providing best-in-class energy efficiencies. The DCC could be used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, generating zero emission electricity when combined with a turbine genset in CHP applications. The patented DCC technology. It requires no air permit, with water as the only by-product. Produces at roughly 30% greater efficiency than traditional fossil fuel boilers with estimated 97% overall boiler thermal efficiency. (2) Could this Hydrogen Technologies have a reliable, efficient, and clean solution for your needs? Know more about the new hydrogen based heating solutions! Let’s spread the ways of transforming to green revolution. Reading and sharing these kinds of articles might do!

These all could be powerful catalysts for hydrogen power moving forward. In fact, supported by the global shift of regulators and attitudes towards decarbonization, hydrogen already seems to be receiving unprecedented interest and capital. This is also where these heating solutions could come into play. With its DCC boiler solution, it might provide zero emissions while remaining cost-competitive with traditional hydrocarbon boiler systems that appears to be a clean-burning, zero-emission fuel for storing and releasing energy.

All in all, this DCC could be revolutionary. The patented DCC could be used for various commercial and industrial applications and generate zero-emission electricity when combined with a turbine genset in CHP applications. A system for converting potential energy into heat including a tower configured to contain a fluid and to permit the formation of a substantially nitrogen-free combustion chamber for possible commercial and industrial heating solutions. These potential heating solutions could solve the ongoing environmental crisis. Here, we take a deep-dive in the world of hydrogen and how it could be used to fuel our boilers for years to come.

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