Boiler System that Could Help Decarbonize Commercial and Industrial Heating Industry

Adrian Wilson
3 min readAug 5, 2021

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Many different heaters and heating applications are used across multiple industries around the world, but what exactly is industrial process heating, and why is it important? Simply put, industrial process heating is when an industry makes use of heaters or other heat processing equipment such as ovens, dryers, or burners, and the heat that they produce is used to heighten, complete, and run their operations. There are several applications of industrial heating customary in the world today. Myriad industries from the asphalt industry, to oil and gas, and chemical refining for food processing making use of heaters in their manufacturing processes. (1) Heating has the potential to make your homes more pleasant while simultaneously helping to make the environment brighter, cleaner, and healthier! Are you becoming enthralled? Let’s delve further into this subject!

Right now, the world is apparently transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions. The U.S. just pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by nearly half over the next 10 years. That’s probably where we’re headed as a nation, and that’s what we could do if we take action to build an economy that’s not only more prosperous but also healthier, fairer, and cleaner for the entire planet. Roughly 197 countries adopted the Paris Climate Accord to assist, too. About four of the world’s largest economies announced net-zero carbon emission targets, along with some of the world’s biggest industries like General Motors, DuPont, JP Morgan, Dow, Union Pacific, Shell, Microsoft, JetBlue, and Walmart to name a few.

Supported by the global shift of regulators and attitudes towards decarbonization, hydrogen already seems to be receiving unprecedented interest and capital. This is also where heating industries could come into play with its Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC) boiler solution, which claims to provide zero emissions while remaining cost-competitive with traditional hydrocarbon boiler systems.

With that, the patented zero-emissions DCC boiler system aims to decarbonize the nearly $30 billion global commercial and industrial heating industry while providing best-in-class energy efficiencies. The DCC could be used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, generating zero-emission electricity when combined with a turbine genset in CHP applications — the patented DCC technology. It requires no air permit, with water as the only by-product. It also eliminates all NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions through a closed-loop combustion process.

It also produces at approximately 30 percent greater efficiency than traditional fossil fuel boilers with roughly 97 percent overall boiler thermal efficiency. The world is relevantly transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions. Could these Hydrogen Technologies have a reliable, efficient, and clean solution for your needs? Know more about the new hydrogen-based energy solution.

According to market research, the C&I market for boilers might develop between about nearly 5% to 7% per year over the next seven years, with low and zero-carbon solutions anticipated to outpace commercial markets for heat or hot water as an end-use. (2) Greenhouse gas emissions might just be the cause of global warming! Are you considering options to reduce emissions? You’ve come to the right spot! More useful suggestions might well be found by checking this article!

All things considered, hydrogen is one of the abundant and simple elements on earth. It appears to be a clean-burning, zero-emission fuel for storing and releasing energy claims that have patented zero-emissions DCC boiler system which could help decarbonize the approximately $30 billion global commercial and industrial heating industry. Are you curious why hydrogen receives so much positive attention? Save your time by finding it out here! Light your fire for synapses with these trending markets!

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